Joey Muthengi Shares 3 Tips On How To Stand Out As A Presenter


Joey Muthengi one of Kenya’s most well-known media personalities. In a recent interview, she reminisces about her time as the host of Capital FM’s Hits Not Homework show.

The famed beauty replaced Eve D’Souza in 2009 as the host of the youth-targeted show. In an interview with Capital FM, Joey shared that it was no easy task filling in the shoes of radio legend D’Souza. Now a household name herself, upon leaving Capital FM in 2013 Joey has remained in the limelight. With experience as a video jockey on Channel O from 2011-2013, host of season 6 of Tusker Project Fame and more recently hosting the Power Breakfast at Citizen TV, it seems that her time at Capital opened many doors for the Kenyan talent.

Here are her tips for applicants hoping to stand a chance at being The Capital One:

1.Be Yourself

This could be one of the most vital aspects of being a great presenter. Accepting yourself and being true to your roots no matter what they are is essential to making a lasting connection with your audience. Joey says,” don’t try to be Joey, do not try to be anyone but yourself…”

2.Be Confident

Being self-assured attracts others to you. Much like a magnet, confidence and charisma could be the distinguishing factors that lead you to claim the title of “The Capital One.” It is important however to ensure that one does not confuse being confident for being obnoxious. Commenting on the significance of confidence, Joey advice, “…find out what is unique about you and be confident in that.”

3.Have Fun

The experience of hosting a show is like no other. Enjoy every moment of it and put out your best work.


For your chance to host Hits Not Homework visit the official Capital One website here to upload and submit your demo. Submission deadline is set for September 29th 2017.



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