Job Alerts: New opportunities in cosmetics, energy and entertainment

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Dear Jobseeker,

Have you been feeling discouraged about your job search of late? Getting no responses for the hundreds of applications you have sent out? Cheer up. This week is full of good news for young job seekers, with new opportunities in industries we have not discussed before, such as cosmetics and beauty, Energy Audit and Entertainment and if you need guidance on how to make your job search successful, Jobsmentor is here to help:

1. Job laws coming soon

If MP Johnson Sakaja is successful in pushing his Youth Employment Authority Bill through parliament, government jobs across all level of government could soon be restricted to jobseekers aged 35 years and below. Youth would also be fast-tracked into managerial positions. The Bill also proposes that the government offer private sector employers incentives for hiring youth within 6 months of completing their studies.

2. Insurance Continues to Baffle

The mandatory insurance cover for tuktuks and bodabodas has been ordered by Transport Secretary Michael Kamau may open a new revenue stream fro insurance companies, they are greatly worried about the large decline in their 2014 profits because of an a 50 percent increase in medical claims. CIC Insurance has just hired Deloitte to advise on the restructuring of the company. Restructuring usually means loss of jobs as companies push for jobs savings. Insurance salesmen will be hardest hit. On the other hand, fraud detection staff will very likely be retained and their numbers even increased.

3. Do you know a billionaire? 

We have previously highlighted Kenya’s milk billionaires, but last Friday the Business Daily revealed the top NSE bank dividends: James Mwangi of Equity, the Bablas family, the late Philip Ndegwa’s family, Andrew Kimani an investor at Equity, Leah Muguku , Simon Thuo, Benson Wairegi of Britam, Jeremiah Kiereini, Baloobhai Patel, Amin Nanji Juma, Peter Munga, Franklin Ndii, Duncan Ndegwa. The rich spend their money somewhere, in some company. Time to do some research in to these individuals and the whereabouts of their various earnings.

4. Cosmetics and Beauty Industry

L’Oreal is bringing American cosmetics brand, Maybelline to Kenya. They are currently looking for a model to act as the face of the brand. But if you are not female and a model, consider other opportunities here available. Beauty is a large and fast growing industry and this was clearly signaled by L’Oreal’s entry into Kenya through an acquisition worth Ksh 3 Billion from Nice & Lovely. You will also have noticed dedicated spaces in Nakumatt for international make-up brands. Local brands are also growing rapidly e.g. Suzie Beauty, Koitoto international and you have heard of Beauty only shops like Liptons and the posh Mac store at Village Market. Are you a chemical scientist, a designer, a makeup artist or skincare professional, sales person?

5. Health Care Receives Yet another Boost

You’ve heard of Equity’s planned healthcare venture: Equity Afia. Now come the news that Penda Health has received a 9 million shilling investment to increase its clinics to six from three. They are also hiring senior management e.g. head of operations, head of clinics, head of patient experience and a senior data analyst. But keep an eye open for junior jobs in these clinics and other such brands because senior staff usually need junior staff under them.



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