Joanna Kinuthia Breaks Down How To Make Money On YouTube

Joanna Kinuthia, a young Youtube talent has broken down barriers sharing her take on beauty online.

The Strathmore alumni shared how she began sharing her content on YouTube and the fringe benefits that came with being “YouTube famous.” With over 5,900 subscribers on YouTube, the chai tea lover shared that her passions are not only limited to brewing a hot cup of tea but also include creating a beauty empire that meets the needs of all African women.

In a discussion with Capital Campus, she shared afew ways Kenyan youth grappling with unemployment can hustle their way to a better bank account with YouTube.  Here are three steps anyone can take to make a living off of YouTube:

1.Create a YouTube channel

Much like other channels online, creating an interesting channel that delivers unique content is essential in increasing subscriptions for Joanna’s account. Consistency and creativity is also fundamental to the success of the channel. Joanna began her channel in late 2016, and began posting religiously in January. Now, about 9 months later, the beauty enthusiast now commands over 5,000 subscribers.

2.Monetize Your Channel

This process is very technical and often confuses many YouTubers. First, enable monetization on your channel, as you upload videos online. The basics of it all is that one can monitize their channel by creating an AdSense account and linking it to their YouTube channel. This will make it easier to keep track of the earnings one makes from YouTube advertisements.One should remain realistics as Joanna pointed out,  ” it is difficult to predict the payment one can receive from YouTube.”

3. Seek Sponsorship

Striking patnerships with brands is a great more reliable way of making a living off YouTube. Promoting products that align with your brand is easy and helps build your reputation online. In many ways collaborating with brands strengthens your channel’s creadibility.

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