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JKUAT students represent Kenya in Feed the World competition



The best and brightest students across the world are competing in the ‘Thought For Food’ (TFF 2013) and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) students are among the entrants in the food innovation challenge.


JKUAT’s Team O.A.S.I.S mission is to provide a sustainable source of food, water and environmental flora while reclaiming arid lands by reversing desertification.


“We as TEAM O.A.S.I.S are a close-knit group of students from diverse backgrounds seeking to solve the world’s food issues via ingenious but affordable technologies,” states their profile.


The five member team is composed of architecture, engineering, Bsc, ICT, and agriculture major students. Team OASIS members include: Charles Otieno (JKUAT), Kashyap Gohel (JKUAT), Sabrina Mitha (USIU), Sila Kapting’ei (JKUAT) and Chintan (JKUAT).


“We are participating in this challenge since we all suffered hardships when resources in our country were lacking at one time or the other. We are aware, as people enrolled in universities, that we are fortunate to be blessed with opportunities, and therefore we wish to give back to the community,” says Team O.A.S.I.S


The team has submitted their project – Desert Farms – that seeks to bridge the gap between the extremes of endless dry lands and vast oceans.


“The project revolves around establishing an endless supply of fresh distilled water from seawater, after which we reclaim the lands that were affected by deforestation and desertification. In the process, we gain food security, adequate low-cost housing, employment and environment stability.”


TFF runs an annual competition to catalyze university students from all fields of study to learn more about the complex challenges surrounding food security and inspire them to channel their passions and creativity towards developing new ideas that make a difference.


Round 1 finalists will be announced on May 20th. Find more about what the team is doing and track their progress here >> http://tffchallenge.com/team/oasis/

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