JKUAT admin warns rioting students who stole poisonous lab rabbits



Last evening, JKUAT students went on strike following the death of a comrade allegedly in the care of the university hospital. In the midst of the chaos – where students engaged police in running battles – some bright guys though the best place to loot was the lab.

Apparently some students broke into the lab and stole rabbits and mushrooms which were part of an experiment. The university administration has issued a notice warning students not to eat the rabbits and the mushrooms.

“The rabbits and mushrooms which were taken away last night during the unrest were experimental specimen and are poisonous. They were being used to develop anti-venom for snakes. Nobody should eat them. Please, this is urgent,” warns the message from the university.

Classes were cancelled indefinitely as the students demanded the closure of the university dispensary until their grievances are addressed.



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