Jimmy Fallon Champions FLOTUS For President in 2020


As President Barack Obama presented his farewell speech in front of his home audience in Chicago; the genesis of his political career, many seem to think First Lady Michelle Obama should consider filling in the seat, her husband occupied for two terms.


In a segment with popular TV Host Jimmy Fallon, Michelle wrote thank you notes to her loving husband Barack, as well as highlighting the various successful projects she spearheaded during her time in the White House. As the transition of power from the Obama administration to Trump draws near, many continue to hint that Michelle Obama should run for president in 2020.


Jimmy Fallon boldly joked that” …hey, since you like exercising so much maybe you should run for president.” Although the late night talk show host may have just been joking, he is not the only one to express such sentiments. Michelle, a graduate of Harvard Law School has shown exception leadership and drive in her various roles.  In her early career, the Southside Chicago native worked as Assistant to the Mayor, lead fundraising initiatives and even served as Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago. She just might be the perfect  candidate for the job!




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