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Japanese students create ‘Girlfriend coat’ that hugs lonely guys



#Teamforeveralone will never be the same again thanks to geeky Japanese engineering students from the University of Tsukuba who have invented a coat that ‘consoles’ single guys in the absence of a real girlfriend. The ‘fulfillment coat’ or Riayjuu hugs just as a girl would.

“The concept of this device is to make everyone feel as if they have a girlfriend,” said Hikaru Sugiura, Hardware Enginner at the University.

The robotic coat hugs a person from behind in a comfortable embrace. The arms of the robot are controlled by a motor. And there is more.  It whispers sweet nothings to the guy through a pair of headphones. Trust engineering students to create a solution for their lack of social life. Very soon, they might invent a full version of the perfect girlfriend minus the nagging and other demands.

Source: Dailycaller.com

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