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Januzaj takes student on a ‘cheap’ date and asks her to pay for parking



Would you expect your date, who earns a six figure salary, to take you out on a ‘cheap’ date and ask you to pay for parking? Well, that’s what Manchester United footballer, Adnan Januzaj did, the The Sun reported.

Melissa, a 25-year-old student, explained how she had to pay for parking on a date with Januzaj.

Melissa had previously told The Sun that she’d “never met anyone so stingy in her life”.

“I was so excited for the first date. We met on a social network site and I got all dressed up and even got my make-up done – costing me £30 (Sh4,278.85),” she said.

“I expected him to come to me in a flashy car, but I ended up driving him about in my old blue Fiesta and I was left to pay and display. Then he said he was taking me to Nando’s – my face fell.

“I usually go there for a quick bite to eat with my mates. I didn’t expect to be going there on a date with a Man United footballer, especially in my dress and heels.”

The paper reports that Januzaj did fork out £18 (Sh2,567.31) for dinner.

The story quickly exploded on Facebook bringing sniggers from rival team fans, and it seems Nando’s couldn’t resist getting in on a joke.

“Hey Adnan, the second date’s on us. (P.S. Maybe ditch the trackies?) #AdNandos” the restaurant posted on its official Twitter page, quickly attracting over 13,000 retweets.

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