Jack Bauer is Back

There has been so much soap operas and telenovelas on TV of late that I sighed in relief when I heard that the famed 24 was returning. TV is getting a much needed testosterone injection. The original tough guy Jack Bauer played by Kiefer Sutherland is coming back to telly for a record 9th season.

Jack Bauer looks older and that is probably because its four years after the events of the eighth season. Jack Bauer remains a fugitive of the law, and as expected has been evading capture with aid from the very brilliant computer extraordinaire Chloe O’Brian. In the meantime, amid growing concerns over the use of unmanned aerial vehicles also known as drones in combat, President James Heller decides to pay a diplomatic visit to Britain to negotiate a joint treaty over their use.

(Spoiler Alert!) After hearing unconfirmed rumours of an imminent attack against Heller, Bauer resurfaces in the city, where he willingly allows himself to be apprehended by the CIA (only Jack Bauer does that) so that he can rescue Chloe Obrien from the CIA’s special activities division where she is being tortured. However, later Jack Bauer is forcibly recruited into the investigation regarding the imminent attack, with the promise of a reprieve for past sins committed in return for his co-operation. As forces within and without the government conspire against him, Bauer realizes that the complexity of the plot extends beyond a presidential assassination, and that the consequences of a successful attack will alter the course of history. With the help of a disgraced CIA agent and a hacker collective he must confront an unseen enemy whose personal vendetta threatens to push the world to the brink of war.

The show is as slick as ever and you just need to watch one episode to realize how much you had missed Jack Bauer and his antics. Jack is as grumpy and persuasive as ever and don’t worry, he is still serving his brand of instant justice to the bad guys. The show however does have a different feel to it since the new season is filmed in London, England and this gives it a whole different dimension. As always Jack Bauer must have a hot damsel as his partner in crime. The lady comes in the form of Yvonne Strahovski playing Kate Morgan, a brilliant but impulsive CIA field operative in London. She is a widow of a CIA agent who was disgraced for selling secrets and committed suicide.

This is a must watch show, let’s see what they have in store for us in the just released season 9 with just two episodes out. Happy watching!

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