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JAB lowers entrance grade, 10,000 more get admitted


uon magoha

The Universities Joint Admissions Board (JAB) has admitted a record 53,010 students to universities thanks largely to a lower admission cut-off point. This is a marked increase of 26 percent from last year’s intake of 42,071.


The Board announced that the cut-off is 61 points (Grade B) compared to last year which was 63 points but female students who achieved 59 points (B-) will get an admission letter.


Under a long standing affirmative action, the Board admits girls who have two points less the cut-off point. JAB has also given special consideration to students with disabilities with C+ and students from arid regions.


JAB explained that the rapid expansion of universities and constituent colleges has created more space and facilities to allow the Board admit more students for the 2013/2014 academic year.


However, nearly 17,000 students that achieved the KCSE pass mark of C+ will miss university slots. Private universities have the capacity to admit 10,000 students per academic year.

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