Interview Techniques Applicants Should Know To Get The Job


A while ago, no one thought the common placed face to face interview process would become irrelevant. Well, it has, and the many new techniques of interviewing applicants have become handy. Consider the following;

Well, it has, and new techniques for interviewing applicants have become implemented by Human Resource professionals new recruiting new talent. Here are a few of the more popular techniques being practiced today.

1.Group Interviews

Grouping candidates in one room is becoming popular especially where the company is resource-strained. Questions are randomly tossed at applicants and the success or failure of the interviewees will depend on how quick and precise they present their answers. To outshine fellow candidates, interviewees must be keen on the queries and give accurate replies.


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2.Peculiar Questions
I have attended an interview where I was given a riddle to solve during an interview. Seriously, a riddle! Something totally unrelated to the kind of job I had applied for. Many organizations boast of intentions of getting to know the applicant’s psychological disposition in a better way. Unusual questions are mainly used to ascertain the candidates’ critical thinking and how one can handle issues not related to the job.

3.Phone And Video Interviews  

Many times one may have applied for a job and while waiting for an email response one gets a call. To succeed, always be prepared during the working hours 8.30 Am to 5.00 Pm. Have your phone at hand. Ensure you have a great connection and have your resume on hand to answer questions on your previous work experience and educational history. Video interviews are also a trendy concept where distance is a hindrance.

4.Elimination Method
Okay, it isn’t really that mathematical formula you know about but a simple situation of capturing applicants’ patience levels. A friend narrated a scenario where after applying for a job, they were shortlisted for an interview. They all showed up that day. They waited for the process to begin for more than three hours only to be told to come the next day. Frustrated with the process, many gave up and only two of them came the following day, and were given the job, without being interviewed, after three hours of patiently waiting.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Willie Blair. Check out his blog here.



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