The Internet Vs Donald Trump


Before and after his inauguration, Donald J. Trump has been the subject of discussions online, with everyone with a Twitter account stating how they felt about the new American president.  The entrepreneur and now Commander In Chief, Trump has had memes, vines and Youtube videos dedicated to making a laugh out of his hair, interesting quotes and limited vocabulary. Here is a collection of the best the internet had to offer against POTUS.


Popular TV Host, James Corden commented on the new President’s social media habits while The Daily Show host Trevor Noah did not hold back, giving his best of highlighting the inauguration of the blonde billionaire as the 45th American president.



It seems that it is not only Americans poking fun at their new President. Satirical videos have flooded the internet with different takes on the notorious character of Trump. Citizens from nations such as The Netherlands have also shared their sentiments on the President and his approach to foreign policy based on his inauguration speech.





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