The Internet Hopes To Prove Muslim Girls Rock With Positive Imagery


A quick image search on “Muslim women’ on google often brings up similar pictures of women in black veils covering their faces. While this may not seem problematic, it seems to portray Muslim Women as the same and ignores their diversity.


Getty Images, a photo stock agency, is looking to change this. According to Mashable, in a partnership announced on International Women’s Day, Getty Images partnered with Muslim Girl, an online site for Muslim Women, to curate impactful pictures portraying the diversity of Muslim Women.


Amani Al-Khatatbeh the Muslim Girl Editor-in-chief, chose the models while the project’s photographer was Jenna Masoud. The photographs portray Muslim women doing ordinary everyday activities in an effort to portray that they are just like everyone else. It is notable that Amani started Muslim Girl as a 16-year-old in her bedroom in an effort to change the raise the place for Muslim women in media and society.


The photos will be available for commercial use. The project will go a long way in normalizing Muslim women in a time when Islamophobia is rampant.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Garnet Achieng’.



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