Infographic: 50 Mistakes Dudes Make While Getting Dressed



Kenyan men get a lot of flak for lack of any kind of fashion sense. “There is absolutely nothing wrong wearing a ‘niko na Safaricom‘ promo tshirt and jeans to my cousin’s wedding. After all, I am not part of the line up and I have to catch a game with the boys after the wedo.” For the typical guy in campus, the closet is a pile of jeans and t-shirts. The only variety is color. So its time you come out of the closet, fashionably speaking, with the help of this infographic.

What is your fashion NO-NO for guys? leave your comment below. Help us dress better. *Desperate appeal*




  • Very well written and said sir. However, I only have one problem: some wrong things were done while you were the non-executive chairman and yet you didn’t raise a finger. In fact you’re not even suggesting that something was wrong…
    As a potential hi profile employee of our country, we need your tract record to say that when things go wrong, you will stand up and fight for the good guy, not just look away as long as you’re not implicated.

  • I agree with Mzee Kiereini on many points above. Regulatory authorities and oversight organisations such as auditors have simply abdicated their duties. Its not within a non executive director’s role to confirm the qualifications of staff and to confirm how many payables Bank accounts an organisation maintains. Thats the role of other bodies which now want to blame the hapless directors. 

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