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Incitement case against Maseno student collapses due to lack of evidence

Maseno riots
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The incitement case against Maseno university student has been adjourned by Kisumu law courts due to lack of evidence and witnesses.

Michael Raphael a fourth year biomedical students was arraigned in Kisumu law court by Maseno University dean of student  for allegedly  inciting Maseno university students to violence last semester in a demonstration that happened at the main campus few weeks ago

According to the dean of students Mr. Edward Olela, Michael was at the center stage of the strike and the think tank  behind the strike that led to students demolishing property worth thousands of shillings. The case is  documented on the court files, under Case NO-294/15.

Hon P.L Shinyanda, senior resident magistrate of Kisumu law courts on Tuesday adjourned Michael Raphael Otieno’s case under clause 75(a) since there were no evidence and witnesses to let the case proceed.

This comes one month after the assault case the dean presented to Maseno law courts collapsed due to lack of evidence.

The accused, Michael Raphael, however insists that the dean of student has a personal issue with him, and that it has nothing to do with the case at hand or the strike.

“I am a law a biding citizen who believes in the natural justice and the rule of law and not the rule of jungle. I am still consulting my lawyers on the way forward and whether he will pay for the resources I have wasted including time,” said Michael.

He further added that Mr. Olela has been malicious in his doings and that the  university must be doing fishy business that’s why they have refused to act on him.

By Koyo Caleb

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