In pursuit of purpose: 7 lessons from Lupita Nyon’go



Lupita Nyongo’s acting career can be described as meteoric and fabulous. From Kenya to Hollywood, Lupita’s is at a place where every aspiring actor wants to be. But her journey to Hollywood is anything but meteoric or an overnight success.

In a keynote speech at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, Lupita traces her earlier years when she struggled with finding a career that would fulfill her and how society expectations collaborated with her indecision to stagnate her progression.

Lupita, told the audience which included her mother, paused and asked herself the one question we have to ask ourselves: ‘what really do I want to be?’

In the half-hour speech, Lupita makes clever, funny and insightful comments and lets a few tears drop as she pulls in the audience with her story in passion pursuit.

These “7 tools” as Lupita titles them, are useful for anyone who is still unsure on their life’s purpose and gives an idea on how to truly reach and attain your dreams, encouraging many that “your dreams are valid.”

  1. Recognize and articulate your fears to yourself.

Look deeply for what you love and articulate that to yourself and to others. The more you declare your love for something, the more likely you are to work towards it.

  1. Reach out to your stretcher-bearers or support group.

Having a support group of close friends and family ensures there is someone to care for you even when do not have the energy to do so for yourself. Make sure you have others to you can draw strength from and keep you sane even when the going gets tough.

  1. Ask questions of yourself and for yourself. Listen out for answers from mentors.

Actively seek out reading recommendations from mentors. Lupita mentioned that some books have the power to influence your life. The book “Map 4 Life” by Glen McQuirk and “Fight your fear and win” by Don Green were books recommended her mother and mentors that “changed my life.”

  1. Make a habit of writing your dreams and goals.

This will encourage you to work towards them and act as a reminder to your dreams and goals.

  1. Breathe, meditate and pray.

Spending time in prayer and meditation gives you a good perspective and helps you be still, leaving the things out of your control to a Higher Power.

  1. Go forward and allow failure to be an option.

Do not be afraid to fail, it is in failure that one finds their way. True freedom is being without anxiety of imperfection.

  1. Step forward and repeat.



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