I&M Bank Young Savers hold tree planting exercise at Karura


Tree planting

April being the Annual Earth Month, I&M Bank Ltd’s Young Savers Account holders and their parents joined I&M Bank Ltd’s staff to continue to populate the 25 acres of the I&M Bank forest at Karura.

The tree planting exercise is part of the Bank’s Social and Environmental Management System which highlights the Bank’s commitment to sustainable banking and sustainable finance in its business relationships and as a good corporate citizen.

Communities worldwide observe the Earth Month by organizing a series of environmental activities throughout the month of April as a build up to the Annual Earth day celebrated on April 22nd.

I&M Bank CEO, Mr. Arun Mathur noted that I&M Bank aims at building the next generation of environmentalists by educating its Young Savers Account holders on the fundamentals of environmental conservation.

“At I&M Bank Ltd through the CSR arm’s environmental pillar, we believe that through building sustainable environments, we are able to improve livelihoods of our people, hence mitigate poverty levels in Kenya and Africa as a continent,” he added

Kenya’s forests have rapidly been declining due to pressure from increased population, fuel wood, building material and other land uses. This has put a huge strain on the rest of the land as the economy is natural resource based.

“By involving both the young and old on this tree planting exercise, we are able to support the government’s efforts in achieving the Millennium Development Goal number 7 of ensuring environmental sustainability,” Mr. Arun Mathur concluded

I&M Bank Ltd has undertaken to develop 25 acres of the Karura Forest as a commitment to preserving the environment. In March 2009, there was an unfortunate incident of a fire on the land which badly affected a large tract of our forest.



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