ICC is looking to hire Kikuyu/Swahili translators for Sh600K pm


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The International Criminal Court has advertised several jobs including two positions of Kikuyu and Swahili translators. The positions have been posted on the ICC website and are due for expiry before end of March.

The two translator positions – 4012EE-PO Translator (Kikuyu and Swahili) and 4014EE-PO Associate Translator (Kikuyu and Swahili) – are positions that are based at The Hague. The former attracts a net annual salary of € 65,606 (Sh7,347,872) while the associate will be paid a slightly lower figure of €54,657 (Sh6,121,584) per year. So you think you qualify because you have a functional understanding of Kikuyu and Swahili, think again. Here are a select the qualifications:

A university degree with a minimum three years of study in translation, interpretation, linguistics, law or any other relevant subject, seven years in language service preferably with an international organization. Check the rest of the qualifications:



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