I will vie for governorship – Daystar student


The world of student politics can sometimes be quite rewarding and fulfilling. The authority and perks that come with the position has opened doors of opportunities to many including current leaders in government. Failing to get elected in a student governing body can be disheartening to say the least.


But this has not stopped James Orwa, a Daystar University student, from pursuing leadership positions in spite of failing to get elected as Chair of the student association – not once, but twice.


Orwa’s political ambitions run deeper than the student chairman. He does not regret his failed political past in Daystar as it has taught him valuable lessons.


“I tried it out for two terms but never succeeded. It was however a way to learn and give me more tips in politics,” says the determined Orwa.


Besides this, the fourth year Theology and Business Administration student believes that it was simply not in his maker’s design for him to win the elections then.


“I thank God for everything, and believe that it wasn’t in his plan that I lead the institution. I believe he has bigger plans for me.”

The big plan for Orwa has been to make a difference in his home district of Mbita through development projects he has initiated. As the co-founder and director of Tabernacle International Provisions Services he is facilitating education of the less privileged, coordinating donations and offering spiritual and psychological help to widows, orphans and vulnerable children.


Orwa narrates how the program and projects came about.


“I looked at my community and felt I had to give. I met Annet Gallegos (a missionary) when I was visiting my grandfather in Mfangano Island and our passion for the community just blended,” Orwa explains.


Orwa teamed up with Annet to start the organization in 2006, which has been undertaking several development projects in Mbita constituency.


He admits they have faced several challenges.


“One needs wisdom to know whom to trust. Some people have done features and documentaries and gone away never to be seen again.”


He however does not regret his path and urges the youth to take the opportunities that come their way.


Orwa with some of the widows


“The youth should not sleep on their talent. They should implement their vision first and then resources will follow,” advices Orwa.


His political ambition is still burning and he is just biding his time as he learns and influences where he can.


“I am still determined to get into political leadership. Although not in the forth coming election, I feel that with time, I will vie for governorship.”


His parting shot; “There is nothing that is possible without God. Commit to him, seek wisdom, knowledge and discernment.”



  • This is excellent, marvelous and great of you my friend Orwa, What the mind conceives is achievable and having seen you and worked with you beyond the sky lies your limits, May God bless you with Tabernacle International Provisions.In Politics you know u always have my Free Moral and professional support.Go for it brother!!!

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