I am still Madam President – Gretsa Uni former student leader

Ruth Achieng' Former Gretsa President.
The name of Ruth Achieng’ might not ring a bell in the minds of many comrades but at Gretsa University, she has made history, commands respect, and wields power. Until November 7, Ruth was the university’s President. University staff and students hardly call her by name; she was and still is Madam President.
And if you thought only male students rise to university Presidency, Ruth has defied all the odds and has dined with the high and mighty in campus politics like flamboyant Babu of SONU and Felix Lone, who was KUSA president until last month.
Ruth, a fourth year student, understands what it means to be a campus president in a male-dominated political arena. As Ruth revealed to Capital Campus, it was not easy to clinch the top most seat on campus.
“It was tough. We were 10 candidates at the ballot and I trounced 8 men.”
The 23-year old recounts how the win came as a surprise and claims that being social on campus handed her the presidency.
“Students approached me saying they wanted me to chair the students’ body,” says Ruth.
During her one year at campus ‘state house’, Ruth mastered sharing her 24hrs with her studies and comrades.
“Time was never enough for me. I could get to office at 7am to address various issues and stay up till 10am, especially when I did not have morning classes. I organized for make-up classes with individual lecturers in case I missed any class,” reveals Ruth, who hails from Siaya County.
“I learned to accept titles that came with position. Everyone on campus, students and even staff calls me ‘Madam President’ even after my term ended recently.”
Ruth admits she misses giving advice and working with students months after leaving the office.
“I miss being asked for my opinion by the admin on anything. They still call me Madam President and give me all the respect as a former student leader. The name has stuck.”
Apart from student politics, Ruth has a social life and still wields influence at the GRETSA University. The Human Resource Management student is a footballer and a Man-United diehard.
She also revealed that she is dating. So who is the lucky man to date Madam President?
“He is a God-fearing man. He knows that every woman wants attention and calls me at least 3 times in a day.”
Gretsa President however advises freshas who are always thirsty for campus experience to concentrate on their studies. “There is no love at first year, maybe just a crush.”
Even though use of drugs at Gretsa is prohibited, Madam President is quick to mention: “It’s disgusting to see guys smoke weed on campus though in rare cases.” “It’s also offending when I meet ladies scantly dressed on campus to win cheap attention from men,” she adds.
Ruth, a first born in a family of five claims that Gretsa has the highest number of beautiful and brainy hotties.
“Men will always tell you that choosing a chiq at Gretsa is not easy because they are identically stunning.”
When asked why very few female students go for top leadership positions, Ruth says, “Most ladies don’t believe in themselves.”
As Ruth exits campus, she has no regrets and given the same chance, would be Gretsa’s Madam President.
“I am glad that I served. The best thing is I’ve left the office much better than I found it. I would still vie for the same seat but for now it’s time to mentor other ladies like me to go the leadership way.”


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