“I am so over him,” Ms. Irreplaceable



My friend put laxatives in her ex’s drink to make him…well, obviously, to make him spend the rest of his night in the toilet. Though I think this is not the best idea of revenge, I was amused at how the world of ended relationships has evolved. Nowadays people think up of elaborate ways to hurt the person they claim they are over because he or she happened to break their heart.


Back in the day, it was just a story of ‘give me back my stuff, like in Irreplaceable, or that not-so-new song of Monica and Brandy’s. Now, girls have gone all out. Laxatives, things like sending dead rats to the ex’s doorstep (yes. I know for a fact that this has happened. I am even friends with the girl who did it.), all that creepy stuff from white movies which indicate slight mental instability (which is fine. If everyone was sane in this world, things would be boring).


I am not about to kill a rat to send to my ex-boyfriend. First, because I am not getting near any rats. Secondly, what did the rat ever do to you? Third, making him diarrhea the whole night is not going to make you feel any better.


Sometimes, I think the problem here is not the girls. It’s the boys. Sometimes, the girls are only driven to this craziness because of things the boys do. If you are an adult, in an adult relationship and you are beginning to feel something for someone else, then you should just leave, instead of going behind her back. If you are not ready for commitment, say so.


If you do not love her, do not say it back. It seems simple, and yet boys are still getting their clothes burnt in their apartments because they forgot to take back the extra key.
Moral of the story: Always take back your spare key and break up amicably, to avoid small animals being killed on your behalf.



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