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Huddah skips JKUAT pageant, KOT reacts



This past Friday, controversial socialite Huddah Monroe was expected to co- host the much hyped Mr & Miss JKUAT event with Nick Mutuma at the Kasarani Gymnasium. However she didn’t show up, citing disagreements in payment between her and the student body JKUSO.

Huddah explained the reason for skipping the event: THEE BOSS LADY @HUDDAHMONROE

I am NOY emceeing at the Mr amd Miss JKUAT happening tonight at Kasarani. The deal was breached by the organizers and that’s why I am out.

It was a scenario similar to one that happened to Jamaican dancehall superstar Tarrus Riley at KICC a few weeks ago, only that this time, those present contained themselves. . As expected, Kenyans on Twitter didn’t hesitate to give their hilarious views on the issue including fact that JKUAT has fewer female students. Here are some of the tweets.


El Gordo @UstadhKimongo

Huddah is not attending Mr. and Miss JKUAT, now it’s just Mr & JKUAT

Philipo @Philibwuoy

Just when Huddah had the perfect opportunity to go to school (JKUAT event), she refuses. It’s amazing how people blow glorious chances

Milky Baibe @mercydaqueen

You guys didn’t know JKUSO stands for JKUAT Kusota. They are broke

South East @Sarkwozy

Now the only lady who was to attend the Mr & Miss JKUAT event never showed up. What a pity

Anyango Del Rio @DelAnyango

Nani sasa alimutuma huyunNick Mutuma huko Kasarani.  Anything he touches always flops

Sally Sushi @Fifibaibe

Huddah thought people would throw stones if she didn’t show up for Mr & Miss JKUAT. Son’tthink you are a star when you are a moon.


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