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How you should dress for a job interview


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No matter what kind of job interview you are going for, you need to look spectacular and at the same time presentable. How you look on the outside is the first thing that meets the eye and we are all judged by this; the most important thing to remember is that less is more and simplicity is golden.

1. Be decent

Whatever you choose to wear must be decent in all ways. For women it should be a good length just on the knee but not above it; it should also not be too revealing at the bust- remember you never know who you may meet in the panel, it could be people of different ages and backgrounds so better to be safe. Men should also ensure that the trouser length is just at the ankle so that it is not too long when standing or too short when seated.

2. Comfort is key

For both men and women, the outfit should not be too tight but just the right fit. It is important to ensure that the outfit is comfortable both when you are standing and when seated. Once you start adjusting yourself too much, you look very uncomfortable and as if you are trying too hard to impress. Men should be careful to get a coat that is their size and doesn’t look too big.

3. Colours

TWO colours are enough for an interview outfit. You should make sure to dress in colours that are a bit deep and not too bright because it diverts the attention. It would be safe to include black as one of the two colours because it is elegant and at the same time matches with everything. The second color should be a deep shade of red, green, brown, white or cream; the black should preferably be at the bottom. Please go for a plain look and avoid prints like dots, stripes or flowers which are very distractive. If you must add a third colour it should be the shoes, handbag or a tie for a man. Nowadays people are open to blending a lot of colours, but it’s better to be safe and keep it simple

4. Accessories

Handbags and shoes are the accessories that matter a lot. Keep them simple too, you could match both or have one of them in black (like your bottom clothing) then the other another colour; for the ladies please make sure the heels are closed or tiptoes and not too high. For men it is a great thing to match the colour of your shoes with your belt; either brown or black, nothing else. Jewellery should be very minimal. A good watch is acceptable; earrings should be studs and not hanging ones. A bracelet and a chain are fine but they should be a matching colour.

5. Hair

For men a short haircut is the ultimate deal-maker. However for those with long hair or locks please just have a single ponytail. For ladies, whichever hairstyle you have on, either comb it down or hold a ponytail, reduce on the hair colours and hair bands unless the interview is beautician-based whereby the fancier look could be more appropriate.

6. Perfume and nail polish

Less is more in this case too. Spray very mild and little perfume, not one that people could smell from a mile away or you leave in the room, it may be irritating to some. Also, I suggest either clear or nude nail polish with no patterns.

7. Confidence

Confidence is the most important attire to put on. Be well prepared and take on those questions with intelligence, honesty and confidence!

By Sharon Gicheru


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