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How to pursue your dream career with a wrong degree


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“I studied teaching because my family has a long line of teachers.”

“I wish I could go back to university and study something else, I really hate this job.”

“My dad filled my university papers.”

This list is endless. A list full of regrets from graduates who go through the motions of life and career halfheartedly because of that one course they studied but had no passion for. Some graduate and get stuck while others get jobs and pay taxes wishing there was an alternative. What they don’t understand is that there really is an alternative, if they looked close enough.

It could have been as a result of how our school system is structured or financial situations at the time of choosing one’s course to study. Nevertheless, here are ways that one can turn that around their not so interesting degree and use it enjoy doing what they love.

Make use of transferable skills

These are the skills that are not tied to a single career but they can be applied across the board. For example, if you majored in ornithology (big word, look it up), yet your passion is in marketing, you could use the skills acquired during data gathering to pursue a marketing career.

The analytical skills and presentation skills can be applied in a vast range of careers.

Combine Passion and Career through experience

It is an open secret in the job market that experience can beat even the best of degrees. Let us say you have a background in nursing and yet you badly wanted to work in PR or journalism. How about finding an editorial internship at a medicine or nursing journal?

You can even volunteer in the distribution of flyers and booklets for your local dispensary. All these will count when time is ripe for you to go for that dream career.

Consider Entrepreneurship

There’s a stereotypical thinking that if someone graduates with a degree, they have to go and work for somebody. There’s no problem with this, but what if you’re not interested in that career path? You can make use of the higher education platform to network and establish business connections which you can in turn use to start off on your own.

Whichever option you choose, keep in mind that just like nature, education never wastes. What you have learned can be utilized somewhere else.

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