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Making new friends in Campus


Are you just about to join campus? Are you worried about fitting in and making new friends? I remember I was, but eventually the friends I made have remained my true cherished pals.


Meeting new people may seem hard at first but give it time and it becomes much easier than you think. Remember that almost every first year student is new’ and is experiencing the same feelings of ‘anxiety’.


Most people are looking to make friends’ so don’t be afraid to say hi. The amazing thing about campus is that there are so many different type of people and you are bound to meet a bunch of people you can connect with.


Campus offers a great opportunity for you to form new relationships. It’s important to reach out to these opportunities by being friendly’ chatty’ approachable and easygoing. So the next time you see someone sitting alone in the ‘mess’ don’t hesitate to smile. But remember to open up to people gradually don’t force yourself upon them.


There are lots of ways to meet new friends in campus. Here are a few tips:


● Start a conversation with a classmate. You will always find people chatting with each other before class, so show up a few minutes early and strike up a conversation with someone. It can be on the reading material or it can have nothing to do with the class.Hostels and lecture halls are great places to meet new people. Introduce yourself and see what happens.

 ● Hostels and lecture halls are great places to meet new people. Introduce yourself and   see what happens.

● Don’t miss orientation. There is always the perception that it will boring but just take a chance and attend. Everyone at orientation is looking to find friends.

 ● Make sure to attend social gatherings and sports events.

 ● Join a club. This is a great way to connect with others who share similar interests. Or better yet, start your own club.

 ● Consider joining a sports team. Sports, especially team sports, are a great way to meet people.

 ● Form your own study group or join an existing study group. You’ll make new friends and learn better at the same time.

 ● Many campuses offer leadership opportunities. If you enjoy leadership roles then don’t hesitate to take part.

 ● Offer to help a person if they need it. This is the simplest and quickest way to make a friend. You’ll be appreciated.

 ● Take up volunteer work on and off campus. You will meet more people within your school and at the same time expand your network beyond campus.


Making friends is an integral part of campus life and you are bound to meet people who share similar interests as you. All you have to do is be approachable and reach out to others rather than wait for people to come to you. So go on and make those new friends!


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