How to keep fit without trying too hard


University is a time when we have all the fun and go to class occasionally. This means that most of the time, students are drinking or meeting up to discuss the meaning of life, though the former may be very rare.


So if you want to keep up with all the activities and still look great in the many group pictures and selfies taken over the course of the semester, some physical activity is required. Some students wake up at the crack of dawn to run a kilometer. This is ideal especially if the campus is quiet large and scenic. However, waking up early at first light is not for the faint hearted, and especially so for those who were up drinking the previous night.

Another easier way to exercise is joining a team on campus. The basketball, rugby, football or even volleyball team all tend to have an interesting workout routine as they train for matches. Joining the team 3 or 5 times a week can add to your quota of weekly exercise.

This could contribute to you maintaining your health. On the other hand, on your downtime away from studying for you mid semester exams or drinking up with your buddies just do something active. Cleaning your room can be therapeutic not to mention, your lungs would enjoy a break from breathing in the dust accumulated in the air. If you crank up the volume as you listen to your favorite mix, it could actually be fun.

All the suggestions made above may take time to adapt but one can make small changes to the daily routine and witness changes within a month or two. A great example would be reducing the amount of alcohol intake to drastically change your rate of weight gain. In fact, it has been proven to do so by, Dr. Charles S. Leiber. A bottle of beer has at least 154 calories so imagine how many calories you take in after a few rounds on a typical night out. Changing how much you drink, or even how often you do helps you fight the weight gain. In addition to that, simply taking the stairs and walking to and from campus can make far-reaching changes to your health. Remember your health is your wealth, living a long life begins with the habits you practice even at a young age.



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