How to ensure you leave campus with a ‘wife material’ girl


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Love is a beautiful thing. The feeling that accompanies love is always beyond verbal explanation. However, love isn’t a beautiful thing if it isn’t happily ever after or at least happily ever for at least 10 years.

Campus usually provides the finest platform to date and find a soul mate. A majority of married couples met in campus/college. So you can bet that there is a high chance of marrying your school mate. You can experiment and find out what formulas work and what formulas don’t work. In the end, the trail of heartbreaks you leave behind seems like an extended train crash with copious victims and collateral damage. Through all this time, don’t forget to look at the future. Like I always say, it’s hard to find a ‘wifey’ material after campus.

I haven’t been there yet but I hope to be an example to my bachelor friends on how to get things done. I have just found the perfect way to make sure I leave campus with a ‘wife material’ girl. To all others like me, this is the real deal of advice, trust me.

Be a bad boy

You will never attract good women by being a good boy. Like poles don’t attract. Physics teaches us so. Good women don’t live crazy lifestyles; hence their lives aren’t so full of fun. They seek to compensate that by having a man who offers thrill. They need a challenge. They don’t want men who will sit with them at home all day. They want men who will come home late, so that they can at least ask, “Where were you!!?”

Good decent women want fun. They want men who will break up badly and go the length to make up. A good woman wants a man she can change or thinks he can change, though that never happens. Bad girls on the other hand are used to drama. They want a good guy who will tolerate all their wild endeavors. So fellow men, be a good guy at your own risk. Be a bad boy and attract all the good women.

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Date many women, and don’t hide it

Before you judge, let me explain. Okay? A ‘wife material’ girl should be one who truly loves you – A girl who will do anything for you.  Ladies are always attracted to guys who have female admiration. The boy who is always walking around with a different kind of girl every time still remains the one every girl wants to hang out with. You have to create healthy competition. The one who is jealous the most, will fight for you and will take care of you well as a husband because she sees value in you.

Dating many women also gives a chance to sample and sieve. You are free to drop those who don’t meet the mark and remain with good ones. Then slowly you eliminate until you remain with your queen. It’s a scenario similar to the famous reality TV series ‘The Bachelor”

Hang out in the right places

Clubs won’t give you a ‘wifey’. Go to church. Campuses have churches and Christian Unions. Choir girls are usually very good ladies. If you can rap a line by 2 Chainz and she can sing ‘Mateke’ by Size 8, you will make a good pair.

You can also go to the Library on a Friday night. A lady who is in the Library on a Friday night is definitely not a bad girl. A bad girl will never go the library on a Friday night even if she has 50 exams the following week.  Sacrifice a Friday night to ‘study’- to study girls in the Library. Take your time to find your type among the ladies who are busy partying with books and pens then approach.

Having said that, I hope you find yourselves ‘wife material girls’. Adios!



  • I beg to disagree good Sir..You don’t find true love by playing mind games and being a massive douche, you find true love by being you.You need to re-evaluate your approach. I think its very wrong.

  • Lot of Crap!!Thats a whole 5 minute of my Life i will never get Back!!Get a life and stop Misleading people!!

  • Hehehe,point namba 1-3 wud neva work,yaani a no go zone,u cud try goin to church o the library though…Hehe,

  • Woe unto the man who will go to a church or join the Christian Union hoping to find wife material there. The much he will get is another wolf in sheep’s clothing, just like him.

    One of the reasons, not all, why many church marriages are crumbling it’s simply because people went to church to look for seemingly wife/husband materials and not to worship God and have fellowship with fellow brethren. The word says “You cannot mock God”. Many pretend to be committed to the things of God but those who have the Holy Spirit in them can discern their true character and therefore cannot get married to them. Like-minded wolves cannot discern anything and they only come to realize they married a fellow wolf after taking the vows.

    Godly spouses who are also wife/husband material come from God. God’s ways are not man’s ways and he brings and joins His true people in many ways which do not include scheming or, with all due respect to the writer, any of the methods listed above.

    Playing bad boy and dating many women is as a result of possession or influence by the spirit of whore-dom. Only a foolish woman fights for a man. A wise Proverbs 31 wife material simply prays to God for a spouse and waits for the will of God to be done. The very unwife material look outside,that is, they are attracted to material things including looks.

    I’d recommend one to read the book “Are You Wife Material?” available at , KU Bookshop and Wakestar Bookshop in town.

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