How to conduct yourself during a phone interview



We are living in a revolutionary age. Our minds are pushing ideas to the limits. The Medieval age came and went, pyramids were constructed and Rome was built with breathtaking perfection. Mankind thought that he’d never experience that same high again, but alas! We’ve trumped that in the 21st Century. One of the ways we have achieved this is through technology and specifically the smartphone. Unfortunately, there is a problem. We are using phones like we’re still in pre-civilization era! It has become a generation of smartphones and dumb people, with unethical practices being extended to the professional environment.

Whether attending an interview or not, these tips will improve your general phone etiquette if put into use.

1. Check your salutation

Whenever you receive a call, especially from a new number, please receive it with a good salutation. Something like, “Hello, this is Jane speaking…” Not, “Yeah?” or “Sema!” or even worse silence! These will most likely cost you a position before you even start the interview.

2. Smile

As strange as this might sound, a smile can actually be felt in your conversation. Your tone will project it and the wider the better. Just don’t oversell it with a hysterical laugh and risk sounding like a borderline psycho not fit for an office environment.

3. Find a quiet place

Just because you can hear the person on the other end because they’re in a quiet place, does not mean that they can hear you clearly in your noisy place. Do not try to force a conversation when in such a place, kindly pick up the call, apologize and schedule another time for the call.

4. Keep SMS professional 

Sometimes you might be in a situation where sending a short message text is the only option. Please, for goodness sake, type your words like a literary person. Avoid the “Xorry, al kol u l8r” habit. Treat it like a professional email. If by any chance you receive such a text, don’t stoop to the sender’s level.

5. Say goodbye

When calling someone and it’s time to hang up, don’t abruptly drop off the line like you’ve just been swallowed by the earth on your end. Say goodbye! If you are the one receiving the call, say goodbye then stay on the line until the other person hangs up.

Adopting these tips and practicing them on a day to day basis will not only improve your etiquette, but also make you sound naturally professional in case of an interview or a business call.

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