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How to become a Social Media marketing specialist (Infographic)


Social media is not just about liking posts, poking friends and uploading your photos. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have become big business. Social Media careers are the hottest jobs in the world currently. Unlike most careers, this industry has no defined career path and education qualifications. But a course in marketing or sociology might be an added advantage but most professions in this field are recruited based on their track record, experience, creativity and level of enthusiasm in social media.

According to a 2012 survey by small business online community Manta, small businesses have caught the bug: 90% of owners are now networking online, with 74% believing it to be equal to or greater than in-person networking.

The infographic below will look at the marketing wizards behind the curtain of this virtual world, possible pathways toward a career in social media marketing, and what the real-world outlook may be for these virtual marketers.

While the channels for promoting a company’s products may have changed—from a print-based environment to one that is becoming increasingly digital-based—the fundamentals of a marketing and public relations position have not.

How to become a social media marketing specialist
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