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How to be a Feminist


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The extent to which the term “feminism” is misused on the social media platform irks me. The fact that these same people who claim to be educated and sophisticated are the very ones who seem to throw the word around haphazardly further aggravates the situation. Why persons who have gone to schools and institutions to acquire knowledge would exhibit such high levels of ignorance is beyond my understanding.

Feminism (noun): a belief in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes/ the doctrine advocating social, political and all other rights of women equal to men. The dictionary gives a rather point blank definition of the word and if y’all Twitter ninjas were half as bright as you seem to think, you would at least take a moment of your precious time to do research before colloquially throwing the word around. I refer to Twitter because it is where the feminist title is most brutally abused, i.e. judging from my timeline.

So dear male KOT, being a feminist is not an insult, neither does it make a woman any less feminine. The mere fact that a woman is independent minded and capable of taking charge does not mean that she is competing with you neither is she challenging your masculinity or authority in any way whatsoever. Keep in mind that there is a very thin line between feminism and plain bad behaviour. Just because a woman is loud mouthed and strong headed does not mean that she is a feminist. That is just a rude woman who has no inkling of what feminine grace and character entails.

To those ladies who give us feminists a bad name, hating men does not make you a feminist. Just because the male species that you have dated happen to have given you a raw deal does not justify your hatred for all men in the name of feminism. Fight your own psychological and emotional battles and leave feminism out of it.  Out drinking men at bars or having one night stands just because men can also do it is the farthest thing from feminism. I am not in any way saying that drinking or having the casual romp once in a while is a sin, just don’t let the motivation behind your actions be “feminism”. And did I mention the tomboys who are forever wearing boyish clothes and Timberland boots? Dear lass; that is not feminism but a warped up combination of confusion, personality disorders and daddy issues that you should work out.

And to the ladies who come out too strongly at every opportune moment, feeling the need to argue and to prove a point whenever they get the chance, calm your tits. You don’t have to be rude and go around slapping men whenever you feel that they are disrespecting you. Sometimes it isn’t even how they treat you that bothers you the most but the insecurities that you bear within yourself.

There’s far much more to life than the perpetual need to compete with men. Why carry around bitterness and gall yet at the end of the day you’ll never grow balls and a phallus to prove a point. Gloria Steinem did not die for that.

There’s nothing that feminine grace and temperance cannot handle, so stop fighting non-existent battles and be a woman

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