How students can benefit from Intel’s Developer Zone

Agatha Gikunda, Lead Intel Software and Services Group EA, with students at the launch of IDZ

The Intel Developer Zone, is a program designed to provide software developers and businesses with a single point of access to tools, communities and resources to help them engage with peers.

The program is focused on providing resources to help developers learn and embrace these evolving market shifts and maximize development efforts across many form factors, platforms and operating systems.

Intel Developer Zone (IDZ) will facilitate developers including students in the following areas:

Development Resources: Software tools, training, developer guides, sample code and support will help developers create new user experiences across many platforms and operating systems including iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Tizen.

Business Resources: The Intel Developer Zone also provides opportunities for increased awareness and discoverability through the Software Business Network, product showcases and marketing programs.

Active Communities: With Intel Developer Zone, developers can engage with experts in their field – both from Intel and the industry – to share knowledge, get support and build relationships. Members will find leading developers sharing ideas and recommendations on how to create compelling apps for the latest touch- and sensor-enabled devices.

Our correspondent talked to Agatha Gikunda, Lead Intel Software and Services Group EA


Why did Intel develop a platform specific for the African continent? Are the tools/resources available on this platform different from those available to developers in other regions?

Intel believes a robust innovative economy is dependent on a higher education approach that fosters technical graduates and entrepreneurs. The Africa zone is focused on ensuring that local developers are aware of local initiatives that Intel is driving in the region, giving them special access to trainers and marketing resources that are specific to their local needs/

The Africa zone focuses on two key areas that Intel has identified as being of special interest to consumers in our region – Educational and Infotainment Applications. Intel Education Solutions moves beyond devices to combine hardware, software, content, infrastructure, and service providers to enable our Kenyan developers to deliver locally relevant solutions worldwide.

The Education Software Initiative helps you get noticed by the Education Alliance. Acceptance into the Alliance provides opportunities for our local developers to reach education decision makers while showcasing your unique education solution. Key benefits of the Alliance include: Dedicated account teams, UX/UI Education roadmaps, Customer Technical Training and AppLabs focused on UX/UI, Windows 8 and Android development and Co-Marketing Opportunities.

Does the Intel Africa Developer Zone have any special focus on University students?

Intel believes a robust innovative economy is dependent on a higher education approach that fosters technical graduates and entrepreneurs. Our programs offer special focus to University students. With our Educational Exchange program online, students will find lectures, demos, notes, complete classes and more— created by universities around the world, as well as Intel experts. Students and lecturers can download what they need to start teaching parallelism in undergraduate computer and computational sciences classes today. All materials are free for classroom use.

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