How NOT To Make Your College Decision (Memes)


1. Turning to Google.
Yes Google is so helpful with many other things but this is one decision you should not leave entirely to Google. There is so much information out there, that you will overwhelm yourself. And no, search result number 3 is not a valid way to pick a college.

2. Letting people get into your head about your decision.

meme the rock

Everybody will have an opinion about where you should go, especially if they haven’t heard of your choice. Don’t let that change your mind, as long as it is a great fit for YOU!
3. “My admissions rep is so cool, I’m def going here!”

meme burger

It’s great when you have an awesome admissions rep but don’t feel like you have to choose their school.

4. “Dude…Jay said the city lights will inspire me!”

meme simply
Yes imagine the glamour and fame that New York or other big cities have but it doesn’t mean it’s the best place for an international student coming to the US for the first time. There are a lot of great options that aren’t in a big city. You can always visit the big cities over your break or move there for your post graduate degree after you are used to living in America!

5. Letting “love” make the decision.
love meme
Making a decision based on where your friends or significant other is going is not a good idea. They are choosing the school because it is a good fit for them, is it for you? And what happens if they don’t like it, do you have to transfer also? Think about it!

6. “If it’s not in the top 10, I’m not applying!”


Making your college decision just based on university rankings could set you up for some heart ache. This year had some of the lowest admissions rates for selective universities. Diversify your options even if you meet the minimum requirements for all of the selective universities. Have a back-up plan.

7. I am only looking for a full scholarship.

meme sparta

Well then you will be waiting a while. Gone are the days of full scholarships for everyone. Competition has gotten stiff be it for full, academic or athletic, scholarships. Be prepared to finance part to a substantial amount of your education. Discuss your budget with your family so you can choose appropriately.

8. I want to be like Asher Roth in “I love college”.

cat party meme

Maybe you aren’t old enough to remember the song I am talking about, look it up. Seriously, do not think about college as one big party. If you only want to go to college to be away from home and party then maybe you aren’t ready to go yet.

9. “I won’t need a college degree when my rap album drops…#yaknowimsayin”

meme turn down

Don’t think you are too cool for school. Take this seriously, you are deciding your future here. Understand the responsibilities and actions required. Don’t have a laid back approach and think wherever you go is OK as long as you can be “cool”.

10. I don’t know what I am doing…ermahgad!

meme braveheart

Yes, college is coming but trust me it is nowhere as horrible as winter. In fact it is the opposite! It’ll be one of the most exciting adventures of your life. Just remember to prepare for it the right way using all the resources you have. Talk to your guidance counselor or find a college consultant and get serious with your search!




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