How much does the average Kenyan employee earn at a blue chip company?


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Many people either prospecting or already in the employment market desire to work for household names. The belief is that these blue-chip organisations will offer high levels of pay and career progression. That is true. But, have you ever wondered how much it pays to work for some of Kenya’s Blue Chip companies?

Below is a list of 5 locally listed firms and how much they pay:

1. Safaricom Limited

According to a Pay Scale Survey on Company salaries in Kenya, working for the country’s leading mobile phone company (by market share) should give you a monthly salary of between KES 101,000 and KES 221,000.

This does not mean that your local M-Pesa Agent and Mobile Phone Distributors are raking in that much money. A recent exchange with Pay Scale’s Communication Department reveals that the estimates are based on white-collar credentials like College Degrees and work experience. They also mention that the salaries have not yet been taxed.

2. Standard Chartered Bank

The survey notes that Standard Chartered Bank pays its employees between KES 69,000 and KES 214,000 a month. If you want a job here, be sure to note that the bank has more than 30 branches across the country, including one in Eldoret, several in Nairobi and one in the Warwick Center of the United Nations.

3. Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank pays between KES 39,000 and KES 170,000 a month; considerably less than Standard Chartered (according to the survey). 44 percent less to be exact. All in all, Barclays does have more than 100 branches across the country. It looks like they can afford to pay you less, should they wish to do so.

4. Kenya Airways

The same survey states that Kenya Airways (KQ), the country’s premier airliner, pays employees between KES 55,000 and KES 1.6 million a month. According to anonymously posted statistics from KQ’s alleged staff, a Systems Analyst can make up to KES 1.75 million. Taking home more than a million shillings makes you realize why the courier calls itself The Pride of Africa.

5. Nation Media Group

Working for the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa should guarantee you a monthly salary of between KES 24,000 to KES 668,000. The Nation Media Group is proud of its impartial recruitment processes, which it terms as professional and fair. “At NMG we embrace the principles of equity to ensure a biasfree employee selection and retention process,” says one of their public addresses. And for over half a million shillings, they had better hope that whoever they are hiring is qualified for the job.




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