Hollywood’s smartest celebrities


Hollywood has hundreds of celebrities who keep us glued to our TV screens daily. Just as there’s always one in a million, there is always extraordinary in a population of ordinary. Here are Hollywood’s smartest celebrities. Most are members of MENSA, the largest and oldest IQ society in the world, which assesses IQ levels of its members through supervised, standard intelligence tests.


Quentin Tarantino

He’s the man behind last year’s hit movie ‘Django Unchained.’ Tarantino has proved to be an amazing film director over the years. Ninety five percent of his movies have been box office hits including Inglorious Bastards, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, and Pulp Fiction. According to Mensa, Quentin has an IQ of 160. This places Tarantino at the same IQ level with Albert Einstein. Some IQ tests have ranked Bobby Fischer, a chess player, with the highest IQ of 185.


Sharon Stone

She is known as Miss Femme Fatale due to her lead roles as the powerful seductress in many movies. She joined Edinboro University in Pennsylvania at the age of 15 and has an IQ of 154. Her scene in the Basic Instinct, one of the highest grossing Hollywood films ever, has been voted the steamiest sex scene ever in movie history. At 52 she still has the looks of a thirty year old. She’s also a member of Mensa.


Johnny Depp

Depp has been nominated for top awards many times. Films featuring Depp have grossed over $3.1 billion in the United States and over $7.6 billion worldwide. Some of his cast lines have gone on to be legendary. His most popular characters include Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and John Dillinger in Public Enemies. He has an IQ of 139



Nicole Kidman

The ever gorgeous actor has an IQ of 139. Her powerful performances in A La Moulin Rouge, The Hours , Days of Thunder and I would Kill for those legs. She studied Filmography at the Victorian College of Arts and graduated as the second best student in her class before going on to pursue her acting career. Due to her remarkable performances, she has a star at the Hollywood walk of Fame.



Matt Damon

Damon studied English at Harvard University and graduated top of his class.  He’s the lead actor in the popular Bourne movie series, Academy award winning movie Good Will Hunting and the Ocean’s Trilogy.



James Cameron

Cameron directed the movies Terminator, Rambo: First Blood, True Lies, Titanic and Avatar. Titanic and Avatar are the highest grossing films in history alongside Skyfall. As a youngster, he enrolled at Fullerton College at the age of 17 to study physics.  He was considered a genius thus was allowed to skip some grades. After graduation, he decided to focus on writing rather than science. Through writing, he managed to enter the film industry and through the years, he has become one of the most sought after film directors in the world.



Jodie Foster

She is known for her award winning roles in Silence of the Lambs, one of the most highly acclaimed films of all time.  Her roles in Taxi Driver and The Accused also won her Oscars. She attended Yale University and graduated with top honors in a Literature degree.



Will Smith

He has been called the most powerful actor in the planet by popular magazine Newsweek. With an IQ of 142, his brains march his skills.  He is the only actor to have eight consecutive films gross over $100 million each in the domestic box office ten consecutive films gross over $150 million each in internationally. He’s also the only actor to have a lead role in eight consecutive films.



Angelina Jolie

She has often been called ‘the world’s most beautiful woman.’ She has the looks, no doubt, but she has the brains in equal measure.  A Despite her rough childhood, Jolie always managed to stay top of her class. She enrolled in various theatre schools in her childhood and began getting minor roles in movies. Her parents wanted her to pursue a more professional career like medicine but she admits she always disobeyed them. . Through her effort and passion, Jolie managed to get big roles. She has starred in movies such as Salt, Tomb Raider, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Good Shepherd, Beowulf and Changeling






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