Here is the Meru University letter that expelled Nyakundi for ‘Tarnishing Uni’



Meru University has expelled Cyprian Nyakundi – a vocal Actuarial Science student who has had several run-ins with the administration. The Deputy Vice Chancellor, in a letter to Nyakundi, said the disciplinary committee had made a decision to expel the student for “Tarnishing the University image through the use of social media.”

“The disciplinary committee after taking into account your own plea of guilty as charged and mitigation circumstances, it was decided that you be expelled from the University.” stated the letter signed by Prof. Gitonga Mburugu.

This is not the first time Nyakundi has faced disciplinary action. He burst into the social media limelight after he was suspended two years ago by the same institution for the same reasons.

“I always like speaking out whenever there is a problem in society and this has not gone down very well especially with the authority of Meru University. I like using social media and whenever there is a problem, I usually raise it and hear people’s views. Sincerely speaking social media is a great avenue for raising issues and even getting solutions to our dynamically changing society,” Nyakundi told Capital Campus.

In 2012, Nyakundi was suspended for one academic year for complaining about the university’s inadequate facilities including the cafeteria, lack of enough of chairs and an outdated library.

“Like a real citizen I spent the whole academic year at home. On May 2013 my suspension was over and I came back to school only to be told to go home for half an academic year because my class was not in session. I came back in September and proceeded with my studies. Then within the semester a lady approached me and told me that she had been sexually harassed by a very senior officer within the institution. I decided to raise the case on my blog and Twitter and Facebook accounts and the case were condemned by many Kenyans and even students.”

Nyakundi gained massive following on social media as a result of the publicity his case received. He has over 22,000 fans on his facebook and 195,000 followers on twitter.

However, the University gave Nyakundi a chance to appeal the committee’s decision within 14 days to the VC.

“I have really been frustrated by the university and I personally have nothing against the VC or the DVC. I am just expressing myself on social media…Many people do it, other universities do it and students are not victimized. Institutions should accept criticism just as they accept praise,” says Nyakundi.

As of this afternoon (Tuesday), #JusticeForCyprianNyakundi has been a trending topic.

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