HELB launches SMS service for students


The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has announced an SMS enquiry service for University students financed by the loans board. The USSD system allows students to get instant feedback on their loan balance, loan application status and more information about student loans.



Create a new message with the key word corresponding with the matching query followed by # and your ID No, and send the message to 5122.



For example, to enquire about your undergraduate loan balance, type ‘BALUG’ followed by your ID No. e.g. BALUG#IDNo as a message and send to 1522.

Below are keywords corresponding to your possible queries.


KEYWORDS              EXAMPLE OF SMS               NATURE OF QUERY

BALUG                       BALUG# ID No                           Your undergraduates loan balance?

BALPG                        BALPG# ID No                          Your postgraduate loan balance?

CERTCLEAR              CERTCLEAR# ID No                Your clearance certificate status?

APPSTATUS              APPSTATUS# ID No                    Your loan application status?

SEMESTER                 SEMESTER# ID No                Your last semester Paid?

SSP                             SSP# ID No                            Latest news about HELB

LASTPAY                   LASTPAY#ID No                   Latest disbursement from HELB for                                                                                   ID No?


Note: You will only receive a database feedback if your ID number and mobile phone number are registered in our database. If not, please register your mobile number with HELB by sending an SMS with the words “REGISTER#IDNO” using the phone number registered in your name to 1522.

DO NOT use someone else’s number to register.

One SMS costs 10/=



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