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Harvard or Prison: Costs the Same



New York City might as well start sending inmates to four years at Harvard! It costs the same. A new report found the city’s annual cost per inmate was $167,731 last year — a little more than it costs to pay for four years of in-state tuition at Harvard University! A major expense is New York’s most notorious lockup, Rikers Island, and the costs that go along with staffing, maintaining and securing a facility that is literally an island unto itself.

The city’s Independent Budget Office annual figure of $167,731 — which equates to about $460 per day for the 12,287 average daily New York City inmates last year — was based on about $2 billion in total operating expenses for the Department of Correction, which included salaries and benefits for staff, judgments and claims as well as debt service for jail construction and repairs. Rikers has particularly expensive costs including $30.3 million annually alone on transportation costs. (FOX News)

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