Halls of Fame: UoN’s hostel 101


BOX (Women’s Hall)

BOX is the most popular hall for chic’s partly because it houses all BA female students. It is strategically placed just a hundred meters from Club 36. It is strategic because the Box chics sure know how to have a good time. The parking lot boosts of several expensive dropping and picking students, an indication that chics don’t play in the Uni league.

Hall 13 comes a distant second in popularity while Hall four hosts ladies freshers in campus. It is probably the ultimate hunting ground for older male students as one student explained, “naivety is so high here.”

“I meet my current chic in hall four just three weeks old in campus and it was easy…after all samaki mkuje angali mbichi”, brags Victor, a 3rd year Architecture student said.

Arch and Design students occupy hall five and Lower State House where fifth years have a blurred distinction between their rooms and studio. Most study and work on their models at night at ADD, with loud music blaring from make-shift speakers.

“Seriously, you don’t know what time these guys study because when they are in the rooms they are either drinking, smoking or sleeping and while at ADD they do the same as they come up with their models I think it’s the way they release their steam to remain sane five years in campus,” notes Kushnah, a Bsc. student.

The small single rooms at Mamlaka can as well be ‘couples room’. It is possible for the male occupants to co-habit with their girlfriends throughout the semesters without the Student Welfare Authority noticing.

Mamalka B TV Room





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