Graduates grilled on GBS employment reality show

A Kenyan reality show is interviewing graduates on live television, testing the skills and nerves of participants. The ‘Undergraduate Project’, aired on GBS Television, is one of a kind show where graduates are grilled by a panel that consists of HR practitioners, faculty and potential employers. The show is meant to help unemployed youths find jobs and equip them with the right skills and attitude to becoming successful in their career.

“With unemployment cited as the biggest hurdle in Kenya’s quest to a transformation, one of our employees had pitched the idea in regards to the voice of many suffering Kenyans, as she was also able to empathize at a very personal experience,” says Grace Mutango, the Assistant Producer of the Unemployment Project (UP).

Grace notes most students lack the necessary knowledge required as they approach the initial stages of their career after campus.

“The Unemployment Project determines to help the unemployed develop a healthy mind of hope and discipline of consciousness in order to develop upon every welcomed challenge.”

While the show does not promise jobs to edition winners, the producers and partners try to link exceptional participants with potential employers.

The show receives a lot of applications from students and graduates that want to participate in UP show, but only 30 participants are selected to go for the auditions with only 10 making it to the UP show.

“The panelists observe the potential of every candidate and seek out an inquisitive mindset that is necessary in making them most suitable to participate in the program,” explains Grace.

According to the panel, these are the most common mistakes candidates make:

  • Lack of preparation
  • Poor communication skills
  • Unprepared to discuss their own skills and experience
  • Not thinking through the questions before answering
  • Unprepared to discuss career plans and goals
  • Not maintaining eye contact
  • Not dressing appropriately for the interview

The Unemployment Project airs on Tuesdays at 7.30pm and a repeat on Sunday from 3.55pm.

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