Government to sponsor student councils

ANU students voting
ANU students voting

The government is considering an adoption of a radical proposal to sponsor the activities of the student council in secondary schools in Kenya.

The Kenya secondary schools head association national chair John Awiti challenged the government to consider providing capitation money for students’ council to help fund their activities.

“Student leaders play a critical role in schools. We are beginning to find one of the critical values we need to uphold in our country that of democratic and participatory leadership and we want to engage young people right from school,” noted Matiang’i.

The CS said cases of indiscipline had drastically gone down as students are involved in decision making.

Matiang’i said the ministry will this year allow a budget line for the students’ council.

The annual national secondary students’ council leaders’ was formed in the year 2008 to boost the relevance of student participation in school governance.

UNICEF in partnership with the Government through the Ministry of Education conducted a survey which established that the initiative has empowered students to take part in the decision-making the process for a more cohesive school community and conducive learning environment.

The survey also indicated that student participation in school management tends to improve learning and instils positive values in the child.

Therefore, other than the election of student leaders, schools are encouraged to involve their students in matters that affect their lives including student discipline and how they can channel their grievances.

The CS was speaking at the Bomas of Kenya on when presiding over the opening ceremony of the 8th annual national secondary students’ council leaders’ conference.



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