Got technical skills? 10 industries you should consider for employment


Dear jobseeker,

Thinking in new ways about your skills and what you can offer employers is a good way to cut down on your job seeking time. Just because you have a degree in mining or human resource development does not mean you should look for jobs in mining and HR respectively.  A better approach is trying to market your transferable skills to employers, by showing them how experience and knowledge from one field are relevant in another. 

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But what happens to those without academic certifications? Read on…

1. Tailoring?

Consider the full spread feature in Business Daily last Friday that highlighted a short visit by super high-end tailor Angelo Petrucci, the Chief Master Tailor under the Brioni brand. How much does one pay for a Brioni suit? About Sh700,000! Mr. Petrucci was hosted by Little Red Menswear Store. In Kenya, technical or vocational training is seen as less preferable to academic, university-based training, it’s worth reconsidering this mentality, dear job seeker. If you’ve ever tried finding a good tailor for your kitenge dress or suit, you know that they are rare.  

2. Housing Finance Foundation Lists Masons

The HFF and the National Construction Authority will soon begin building a listing of skilled artisans such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, masons, fabricators and painters with the aim of improving the quality of work in the country. Such a move would create a well-recognized class of skilled artisans who can command more for their quality and expertise. Don’t look down on your non-academic qualifications. Ask Jobsmentor how you can turn those technical skills–in painting, construction, leather works, the culinary works, saloon and beauty training e.t.c. into a meaningful job.

3. Engineering Internships Ahead

The Engineers Board of Kenya is looking to levy a 1 per cent level on infrastructure projects to fund internships for students in engineering course. The project would provide 9900 internships lasting two years  through the collection of sh11.9 billion over the next 5 years. Keep your fingers crossed engineers; this proposal may just pass.

4. Transportation

The Rift Valley Railways has just increased its locomotives by 4. That’s 13 new trains since last September. Seven more on the way by May of this year. Some of these trains will replace old trains. Some represent new jobs for jobseekers such as yourself. Poke your nose here. 

5. Beer Industry Gets Even More Interesting

EABL has ventured even lower down the market by putting out a 750ml Chrome vodka for  Sh460. The company is likely to engage in some grassroots/ last mile distribution channel expansion. Some jobs here somewhere Viva Global is also bringing the American beer budweiser to Kenya through importing and distribution, following in the steps of Carlsberg. The business in imported beer brands is actually quite large in Kenya and includes Miller Genuine Drafts by SABMiller, Heineken by Maxim, Sierra by Ozbecco. As we have mentioned before, EABL will be a strong employer in the near future, right through to its supplier and distribution system but also consider the competitors who are most likely looking for staff in logistics, advertising and marketing, sales, financials, market research etc. Keroche breweries, for example, is hiring sales and brand managers as well as distributors As always, if they hire a manager, they are likely to hire junior staff right after.



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