Google Student Africa Summit opens in Nairobi


170 students from 12 countries are in Nairobi for the Google Student Ambassador class of 2013 which will run from 11th to 13th June.


The African students are from; Angola, Cameroon, Cote d’ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda


“The Google Student Ambassador program is open to students from eligible countries who have mutual passion for technology and innovation and are selected based on their application. The ambassadors really help us understand each university’s culture and improve the way we interact with them,” said Joe Mucheru, Google Kenya country manager.


This years Google Student Ambassador program includes over 100 universities and the 170 students will serve as ambassadors for a period of one year, ending June 2013. The student ambassadors represent over 1.2 million students across the continent.


The program in Sub-Saharan African was launched in 2011 with students selected from 28 universities in 6 African countries.


Students listen to a presentation

Google Student Ambassadors act as liaison between Google and their universities. They are technically savvy students who introduce their institutions and peers to Google tools, technologies and opportunities, and who are determined to leverage technology to make positive impact in their communities.


They also help to make the internet more relevant to their communities.


“I have enjoyed interacting with the Google products and the discipline this program has installed in me. We really have a lot of fun as we learn together,” says Sarah Osano, an ambassador from Kenya.


Google Ambassadors have the opportunity to enhance their professional development, leadership, and communication skills, and access to a unique network of Google Ambassadors across the world.



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