Google and Facebook courting Aussie app whiz teenager

Ben Pasternak
Ben Pasternak


While most teenagers are struggling between what to wear for a gig, 15-year-old Ben Pasternak is scratching his head over which tech he will intern at, including giants Facebook and Google.

Ben became an internet star three months ago after an iPhone app he developed quickly rose to be the most downloaded app on the App store. Impossible Rush – a simple but interesting mobile game – was downloaded more times than Twitter and Facebook with over half a million downloads in October last year.

The teen from Australia has been invited to tour Facebook’s campus in California while one of Google’s exec is also keen to host Ben at their headquarters. According to Mashable, Ben (accompanied by his family) attended a Google-MIT sponsored Hack Generation Y for high-school hackers.

Ben had sold Impossible Rush to a 22-year-old Carlos Fajardo for $200 before it became a hit. Fajardo then sold the app to a French tech company for $30,400.

In spite of the lost opportunity, the entrepreneurial teen is now working on other projects even as his parents insist he must finish high-school first before taking on serious projects.

One of the major hacks Ben is working on is app One – a social media aggregator that will bring Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on one timeline.

“My biggest motivation is knowing that my apps make people’s lives just a little bit easier and simple. There is no better feeling than seeing people using your creations,” Pasternak told Mashable.



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