GOOD Music female rapper defends Kanye West’s slavery comments


070 Shake has defended Kanye West.

The rapper worked with Kanye on his new album ‘Ye’ and Pusha-T’s ‘Daytona’ and said that Kanye’s recent controversial comments about his political views have not put her off working with him.

Speaking to Billboard, she said: “I think Kanye West inspires everybody that he is around because he is so himself. Like, everything that he shows is everything that he is. It has encouraged me to be more free with my thoughts. So I think it is inspiring to see somebody like him. Kanye is going to say what he feels, take it or leave it. Everybody has bad thoughts, evil thoughts. The only difference is that he says what he thinks. Still, we all have those thoughts. I feel he is definitely a good person. Kanye West is very kind and has given me the opportunity of a lifetime. I am grateful to him.”

She worked closely with Kanye on the track ‘Violent Crimes’ and says the music is the most important thing to her.

070 Shake explained: “Look, it feels good. I love being part of [music with a message], no matter who it is. My goal is to be able to impact people in a positive way. So that just made the song that much better.”

The rapper also collaborated with Kanye and Kid Cudi on ‘Ghost Town’ and said the process was like “literally walking into my dreams”.

She said: “‘Ghost Town’ was walking into where I am supposed to be. Everything is just flowing effectively. I feel as though I am where I am meant to be in life. It is literally walking into my dreams.”



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