The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of The #WetangulaChallenge


Soon after being let free from his home in Muthaiga, the famous businessman, Jimmy Wanjigi made a quick but emotional statement about his horrendous encounter with the law. But what followed, almost three hours later, was the internet fodder sparking an online craze with the hashtags #WanjigiChallenge #WetangulaChallenge.

The photo that fired up the viral challenge was taken at a briefing showing Wanjigi being held oh so fondly by his wife, with Senator Wetangula looking on. Needless to say, it did not take much for Kenyans creativity to lend a sense of humor, to the current controversial Presidential elections.

It seems that from the #GitheriMan Photoshop, the recently concluded #MuhohoChallenge and now the more impressive #WanjigiChallenge, Kenyans will remain creative in bringing laughter closer to anyone, even when the situation remains gloomy.

However, it must be said that some contributions to the challenge may have taken it too far.



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