The glow-up for Msupa S is real, and we can thank Khaligraph Jones for it


Msupa S finally got her big break.

The Kalenjin rapper has landed a collaboration with Baba Yao Khaligraph Jones. The track titled “Watajua Hawajui” is a rif off of a popular Kenyan saying. Released on the 16th of May 2018, the track follows a viral interview that featured Msupa S with Amina Abdi on The Trend.

The track “Watajua Hawajui” is set to take the Kenyan charts by storm with its Kalenjin-centric vibes, brown jackets and dancers included. With a heavy baseline, the track follows a distinct trap feel, perfect for the “Kale Queen.” The duo make for a great sounding collaboration and a strategic move for both parties involved. For all the haters, it seems that “watajua hawajui.

With the release of this track, it is clear that Msupa S has done loads to grow herself. Known for her confidence, it seems that the world is finally catching onto what she always professed about herself. This rap queen has come straight outta the Rift Valley to the the big city of Nairobi. Previously releasing “Hello Hello,” “All The Way Up” and “Utatii” which earned here thousands of views on YouTube, it seems this new collaboration will catapult the young female emcee to a new level.



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