Glass ceiling? Female UoN Engineering student juggling DJ career


DJ Sharly24-year-old Dj Sharly (Sharlyne Andis Agini) is slowly but surely becoming a force to reckon with in the entertainment scene dominated by male DJs. The upcoming DJ, who happens to be an engineering student at the University of Nairobi, is carving a niche by introducing her fans to a fusion of African and Western beats that has an appeal across different ages.

“I want to be the reason why both grownups and kids have a better day because of good music. I have a passion for good music and I like the night life so it was something I was bound to do, even if it’s just as a hobby. I love to share my ideas of good music with other people and thanks to God people resonate with my taste in music,” says DJ Sharly.

Sharly has become a regular DJ in some of the clubs in Nairobi and events beyond the city, but pursuing a demanding course has made her plan her time carefully and work harder than most of her peers.

“I have to create time to study. There is no option when it comes to that. That means a lot of planning and time management on my part. There is also a lot of sacrifice (to be made). I cannot afford the luxury of sleeping a lot or constantly partying,” says the DJ by night and student by day lady with an infectious smile.

The fact that she is in an industry dominated by men only gives her motivation to prove herself and change the perception that this is a male-only industry.

“The truth is anyone who says that I’ve got it easy would be lying. You have to work hard for what you want in life and I respect my interests too much to let anyone give it to me on a silver platter. I have got all my contracts because the clients love what I do and I can confidently go head to head with any Dj, male or female, and as it is I headline a lot of shows with the lineup made up of guys,” says Sharly.

The budding DJ has saved and managed to buy her own set of equipment from the events she has deejayed at and has plans of buying a DJ van to make her movement easier.

“I believe that life is about going for what you want regardless of any cards you have been dealt with,” sums up DJ Sharly.

By Sarah Ayienda



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