‘Give your dirty clothes to female students,’ Madrid Hostel bans men from laundry room


laundry mat

We all know private hostels have strict and sometimes ridiculous rules but one student hostel in Madid, Spain is holding to the last bastion of male supremacy. The administrators of the Duque de Ahumada de la Guardia Civil residence have refused to overturn a long-standing rule that bans male students from using the laundry room. The rule comes with consequences if violated.

“Use of the washing machines by male residents will result in expulsion, ranging from 15 days to three months, from the residence,” reports the guardian.

Instead, the male students are advised to “quietly pass their clothes to female friends to be washed”

The administration insists the law was passed to allow women residents to wash their undergarments in privacy as male students were given access to a laundry facility off the hostel.




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