2 Ways #GitheriMan Spurs National Unity Among Kenyans


As Kenya went to the ballot on the 8th of August 2017, it is clear that this election was no ordinary election. The nation that is a hub for technology and business in East and Central Africa is of significant importance not only to the African community but also to other parties including the international community.

The voting process conducted by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission saw high voter turn out. Among them was #GitheriMan, known by his government name Martin Kamotho. The tall, slender man made news when he was photographed at a polling station waiting to cast his vote, with a bag of githeri in hand. The image brought joy to many, but more importantly, it brought many Kenyans together. Here are a few reasons why #GitheriMan could keep Kenyans united even after the presidential election results.

1.GitheriMan Is One Of Us

Martin Kimotho is a man just like any other. He was photographed patiently waiting to cast his vote while enjoying his favorite meal. He kept to himself, minded his own business and did what he had to do to fulfill his duty to his great nation. Many Kenyans did the same, braving the cold and standing in long queues to have their voice heard. We did so peacefully, without causing harm to our brothers and neighbors. It is clear that GitheriMan is no different to the ordinary mwananchi, eager to do the right thing, and get back to business…the business of eating his githeri.

2.GitheriMan Understands What It Means To Be Truly Kenyan

Kenyans have the ability to excel at whatever they do. Known worldwide for their inventions and for their champion runners, Kenya has much more to offer.  We work towards progress and seek excellence. A Kayole native, Kamotho shared his sentiments on the results of the 2017 election with Standard Digital. He said, “Hatuwezi taka vita kama last time (we don’t want violence like last time).” A City Council Officer in Dandora himself, it seems that Kamotho is just as eager as the next Kenyan to get back to business, back to work.


Despite all the press, Kamotho has received so far, #GitheriMan is more than just a meme. #GitheriMan brought Kenyans together even at the height of election tension. If there is one thing that all Kenyans could learn from Martin Kamotho, it is that once the results are announced, life will return to normalcy and we will go back to enjoying our favorite bag of githeri.





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