Gilmore Girls Back On Screen


Popular at the turn of the century,  Gilmore Girls will be back onscreen on the 25th November. Scheduled as a Netflix Special the show will be a four part series bringing back the dynamic duo and all the characters of Stars Hollow after a few years off screen. Announced earlier in 2016, the revival of the show had many in a frenzy.


In the new special titled “A Year In The Life” we find Lorlai Gilmore married Luke Danes, owner of Luke’s Diner and Rory Gilmore finally finished college and much like a rolling stone she seeks out adventures in the hopes that she makes something out of herself. Some of Gilmore Girl’s beloved characters including Melissa McCarthy’s character Soouki  and even Rory’s former flame Dean Foster played by Jared Padalecki  make a comeback on the show as well.  Change in family dynamics reflect the changing times as the show promises a few shockers.

With an incredible cast and lots of new revelations  in store for the legions of fans how enjoyed the characters’ quirks, the Netflix special is bound to deliver lots of laughs in the ride down memory lane with the stars of Stars Hollow.



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